Truck 13

Truck 13 is a 1999 Pierce Dash Ladder Truck.  The truck has a 105′ , 3-section steel ladder with a waterway and remote nozzle capable of flowing water up to 1000 GPM.  Truck 13 is what many firefighters refer to as a “true truck” because it does not have a fire pump or water tank.  This is a common, preferred design for ladder trucks because it allows for much more storage space for equipment.  Water and pumping operations to flow water from the ladder are supported from an engine company which always accompanies the ladder truck on any fire scene.  The primary duties of Truck 13 is to perform search & rescue, ventilation, ground ladder placement, salvage and overhaul on fire scenes as well as to perform general rescues on vehicle accidents and technical rescue calls.  Truck 13 has the largest equipment inventory of any apparatus in the department including ground ladders, multiple saws, fans, scene lights, electrical reels, hand tools, tarps, RIT equipment, E-draulic rescue tools, rescue struts, rescue rope, high & low angle rope rescue equipment, a cutting torch, an air chisel, jacks, pickets, cribbing and several other hand and power tools for incidents such as vehicle accidents, rope rescues and water rescues.  Truck 13 responds 3rd out in town and in rural areas to all reported fires in the district as well as 2nd to all vehicle accidents.  It also responds 2nd out to mutual aid fires and 1st out for mutual aid rescues and vehicle accidents.

Truck 13 Virtual Tour