Intro to Aerial at Dobson Campus Surry Community College
Date:      Time:
11/26        7pm-10pm
11/28        7pm-10pm
12/8         8am-6pm

Driver/Operator (D/O):  Pump Maint/Testing at Elkin Center Surry Community College
Date:        Time:
11/20       6pm-10pm
11/27        6pm-10pm
12/1          8am-5pm
12/4         6pm-10pm
12/6         6pm-10pm

NC Emergency Vehicle Driver Certification at Summerfield Fire District Station 9 (email Kirk Daniels at to register)
Date:          Time:
12/6           6pm-10pm
12/14         6pm-10pm
12/15          8am-5pm

NC  Emergency Vehicle Driver Certification at Belews Creek Fire Department (email Wesley Hutchins at to register)
Date:            Time:
12/14           6pm-10pm
12/15           9am-5pm
12/16           2pm-6pm
12/17           6pm-10pm

D/O Pump Hydraulics at Elkin Center Surry Community College
Date:         Time:
1/22/19       6pm-10pm
1/26             8am-5pm
2/5               6pm-10pm

D/O Pump Sprinklers at Elkin Center Surry Community College
Date:          Time:
2/26/19         6pm-10pm
3/2                  8am-5pm
3/5                 6pm-10pm

 D/O Pump Water Supplies at Elkin Center Surry Community College
Date:           Time:
3/26              6pm-10pm
3/30              8am-5pm
4/2                 6pm-10pm

EMT- Basic  Course Surry Community College 1220 State Street Mt. Airy, NC
January 8th 2019 – June 11th, 2019
Tuition is waived for members of NC Life-Saving Organizations for more information and to register please call 336-386-3234

If you have any additional information, additional training opportunities, or questions please feel free to contact Josh Crump at