About Us

The Boonville Volunteer Fire Department is the primary agency for emergency services in the Boonville Fire District including the Town of Boonville, NC. Our 39 square mile primary protection district has a population of over 4,100 and consists mostly of single family and multi-family residences in our municipal and rural area. Our district is also home to businesses, manufacturing centers, and farms. Our department provides the following services:

-Fire Suppression: All fire related emergencies where life or property are at risk.

-Rescue (NC Light Rescue Provider): Rescue incidents for trapped or endangered persons & animals including vehicle accidents, engulfment/entanglements, high angle rope rescue, and water rescue.

-EMS: Basic Life Support for medical emergencies.

-Haz-Mat & Other Hazards: Any hazard to life or the environment such as downed electrical lines, odors, chemical leaks/spills (Haz-Mat Operations Level), and downed trees in roadways.

-Fire Prevention & Education: Provide fire and life safety education to all citizens within our community including installation of smoke alarms and completion of pre-fire plans at all businesses.

Our department is a combination style department composed of a staff and membership of dedicated and professional volunteer and career firefighters. We staff paid firefighters on weekdays from 8am to 5pm to help supplement staffing while the majority of our volunteer members are at their respective jobs. Our department operates out of two fire stations. We operate in the municipal areas of the Town of Boonville and in the rural areas surrounding it. Along with providing services to our district, we also respond to assist surrounding fire departments on incidents.

District Map: click here

ISO Rating:

The Boonville Fire District is a split ISO class 5/9s.   All locations within the town limits of Boonville and any location within 1000 feet of a municipal fire hydrant outside of the town limits is a class 5.  Those in the rural areas without or beyond 1000 feet of a municipal hydrant are a class 9.  Locations in the class 5 area qualify for lower insurance premiums.  Our department continues to pursue lowering our rating for the benefit of our community.



The Boonville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1941 making it the first department in Yadkin County and one of the oldest in the area.  The first fire fighting equipment they obtained was 1000′ of hose which was placed on a trailer and pull by a vehicle to fires they responded to.  These firefighters were notified by telephone when there was a fire.  There was no siren, radios, or pagers being used in those days.  The trailer was maintained in a central location and there wasn’t even an actual fire station to begin with. 

The department was later headquartered at Boonville City Hall on the north side of downtown and remained there until our current station was built on the south side of downtown.  Through the years our apparatus and equipment have evolved and improved to stay ahead of the ever changing dynamic of the fire service.  The department has expanded its services over the years as well to ensure that our citizens are receiving the best service possible.  Services have expanded from just fire protection to now including medical, rescue and hazardous condition responses.  Call volume and demand for our services increases every year.  To aid in handling the increased demand for service as well as for other department needs, our department changed from an all volunteer department to a combination department made up of both volunteer and paid firefighters.  Our paid firefighters now work on weekdays during the time many of our volunteers are at their own jobs and may not be available to respond to calls.  This ensures a timely response on those days.  We are still heavily dependent on dedicated volunteers and are always looking for new members.  If you have interest, check on our application process today.